We don’t live life like it’s portrayed in the movies and that’s ok

Your life is not like the movies: find joy in the ordinary
Your life is not like the movies: find joy in the ordinary
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Let’s get right to the point. Your life is not like the movies. It’s not super amazing all the time.

Life is not like that. Life has the boring parts that movies don’t. And that’s ok because to be happy and joyful in life, you need to treasure the ordinary moments.

The moments when you take a walk and enjoy nature. Moments when you laugh at something funny or what your friend did that made you laugh. Moments when you enjoy listening to your favorite music in the car and start singing along.

When you have appreciation, open-mindedness, and a love for the ordinary aspects of life, you can be truly happy. A sign of maturity is when you treasure the little moments, even the mundane spreadsheet or project you are working on. …

Make the most of your precious time

50 one-sentence productivity tips
50 one-sentence productivity tips
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Your to-do list keeps growing and your email inbox is overflowing, but the number of hours in a day and week doesn’t change.

How do you figure out how to make the most of your time?

All that matters is what you get done, not how much you say you’ll get done. Make sure you get into a productive frame of mind, take the right approach, and distinguish habits vs. routine because we spend 40% of our time on autopilot.

How to be more productive with one-sentence tips

To help you be more productive today and tomorrow, here are 50 tips written in one sentence each.

  1. Do one task at a time. …

How to improve your life

50 one-sentence self-improvement tips
50 one-sentence self-improvement tips
Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

Self-improvement is how you learn and grow. Life is about living in the present and making plans for the future.

I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and I hope you are too. Self-improvement is necessary for making your future brighter and to grow as a person. It’s what life is all about.

“Those who seek a better life must first become a better person.” — Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

I have complied a list of self-improvement tips to help you enjoy life more and appreciate every second, minute, hour, day, and year you are alive. …

Consider these habits to successfully improve your daily routine

5 of the best morning habits to add to your routine
5 of the best morning habits to add to your routine
Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

There’s no right way or wrong way to start your morning. Some people wake up, eat breakfast, and go to work. While others, wake up, exercise for 30 minutes, shower, make coffee, eat breakfast, do the dishes, and then go to work.

A good morning routine sets the tone for the day. Your morning routine primes you for success. When you have a good morning routine, you achieve more, think more clearly, and focus on work that really matters.

Overachieving employees begin their day by understanding their productive morning routine is key to their success. The key is focus, clarity, and direction. …

Change your mindset on marketing to become more successful

Man tying young soccer player’s cleat
Man tying young soccer player’s cleat
Photo by Adrià Crehuet Cano on Unsplash

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are competing for people’s attention and dollar. They are doing everything they can to stand out and stay ahead of the trends. Yet, most of them hope one day they will make it big, scale and grow fast, or get acquired by a big company with a big payout.

Don’t hope for success, help for success.

If you want to take your small business to the next level, it boils down to your mindset.

Be helpful, not hopeful.

Don’t hope for success, work strategically toward achieving your goals this year by developing a marketing strategy. …

Find out what marketing innovators are doing well

5 things you can learn from marketing trailblazers
5 things you can learn from marketing trailblazers
Photo by Krivec Ales from Pexels

A trailblazer is someone who is a pioneer, an innovator who makes a new track in the wild country. They make a path for others to follow.

In marketing, it’s important to follow the ones who are blazing the path for others to follow. Marketing trailblazers are lifelong learners who transform their companies. They inspire others with their innovation and make the marketing profession better.

Let’s dive into what fearless marketing trailblazers are embracing to drive innovation in the marketing profession. Here are five things they are doing well.

1. They Use Technology Wisely and Simply

Many marketers get carried away with tools and technology. There are a lot of digital marketing tools available in the marketplace. Marketing trailblazers are always looking for new tools to incorporate into the marketing technology stack, but they use marketing technology wisely and simply. …

There are 5 things to keep in mind when you write

How to develop headlines that help you get views and reads
How to develop headlines that help you get views and reads
Photo by Jan Krnc from Pexels

Your headline is the most important part of your article. It’s important to write your headline before you write your story.


It’s your “north star” for your article. It’s the most important sentence or statement of your entire 1,000-, 2,000-, or 3,000-word article. The second most important sentence is your sub-headline or sub-title.

Writing headlines is critical to getting views and reads. If you have a crappy headline, you are going to have a crappy article. Sometimes, you can get away with a bad headline, but that’s only if your article is excellently written.

I was inspired to write this article after signing up for Tim Denning’s free Get 10,000 Views on a Single Article course he produced with Todd Brison. …

10 of the best tips for crafting successful email newsletters

Hands typing on laptop.
Hands typing on laptop.
Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Email is one of the most effective tools for marketers and writers. Newsletters are one of the most common types of emails, but they can be hard to get right. To harness the power of email marketing, it’s important to understand how to write an email newsletter correctly.

Your newsletter is a valuable marketing resource that needs your attention, focus, and energy. Just sending a newsletter for the sake of sending a newsletter will not earn trust, which is critical to your newsletter’s success.

You also need to know the best practices and what you should think about when you are creating your weekly or monthly newsletter. Here are ten tips for creating a new email newsletter or rejuvenating an old one. …

10 tips to help you write for both types, so you maximize your readership

How to write for scanners and readers
How to write for scanners and readers
Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

There’s no guarantee that anyone will actually read your entire story. Write well, so you compel them to read the whole thing. It’s important to understand how your readers consume your content and then write your articles in a way that helps the scanners and the actual readers.

Rarely do people read every word of your article. Research shows that only 16% of people read your stories word-by-word. Most readers scan your story and pick out individual sentences such as your first and last sentence of a paragraph of your story.

There are some important things to keep in mind when you write so you can make the scanners happy and those who read a majority of your story happy. …

Adopt these habits into your daily routine to live a better life

Image for post
Image for post
Photo by IB Wira Dyatmika on Unsplash

As you start off this new year, it’s important to incorporate simple habits into your lifestyle so you live a happier, healthier life.

Improve your life by discovering how these healthy habits can help you live a longer life. It’s all about your state of mind. Your mindset impacts how long you’ll live.

You don’t have to make things complicated this year, just commit to a few of these healthy habits at a time and make them a part of your life.

How to Live a Healthier Life with One-Sentence Tips

To help you live a healthier lifestyle, here are 50 tips written in one sentence.

  1. Watch something funny to make you laugh every day. …


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